GSRC BoomerWalk Program mission statement:

“The GSRC’s mission is to promote running and a healthy lifestyle. Certainly, RaceWalking would fall under our purview.
The challenge will be to find those outside of the mainstream of our current membership – non-runners who might be looking to get into the GSRC BoomerWalk Program and those for whom more conventional running has passed them by, perhaps because of age or injury. I see the GSRC BoomerWalk Program as an opportunity for the club to reach out and help a new group of people who might want to or need to improve their fitness level and may ultimately wish to be a part of the GSRC family. ”

Roscoe Griffin
President GSRC


A forward about the GSRC BoomerWalk Program by Brent Brohlen; RaceWalker and author of the book BoomerWalk– Why baby boomers should replace running and jogging with RaceWalking. Please visit for more detailed information.

“I’m so glad that you found racewalking and am especially pleased that you are sharing your enthusiasm with others.  There are pockets of racewalkers around the country, and they are usually the result of one racewalker who is the catalyst for others to join in.  The trick is to get a sustaining group that continues on even if the original organizer moves away or moves on to other things.

I think you are likely to end up with two subsets of racewalkers — those seeking general fitness and those seeking competition — whether or not you specifically designate the groups.  That happens with the 25 or so racewalkers in our local club (Abe’s Striders Racewalking Club — we’re in Springfield, IL, home of Abraham Lincoln).  Only about 5 of them are serious competitors.  (Two of them — and I’m not one of the two — have won gold medals at USATF national masters meets.) The rest primarily race walk for the health benefits and for the friendships that develop when walking together.  We have several members with artificial hips and knees and range in age from the 50s to the upper 70s.

Many in the race walking establishment seem most interested in developing young athletes to make the U.S. more competitive in international competitions.  I think that is a very limited pool of participants.  I believe the real potential for growth in racewalking is among the baby boomer generation.  Millions of potential older racewalkers are out there if we can just get the word out.

I haven’t traveled to give talks about race walking.  You will get great instruction from Dave McGovern in his clinic.  I’ve done his clinic, and we’ve also had Jeff Salvage/Tim Seaman give their clinic here in Springfield a couple of times.  They tend to think in terms of competitive performance, but they will help you become more efficient and “legal” race walkers no matter what your ultimate goals are.

I don’t have any objection to you calling your outreach program GSRC’s BoomerWalk outreach program as long as you do give “all due references” to the BoomerWalk book and website.”