RaceWalking Group Event

10-17-2017 - 18:30:00

Hackler St., Myrtle Beach,

Contact Person:
Name: Ed Sweatt
Email: info@grandstrandrunning.com

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Benefits of RaceWalking


  1. Adopt a new cross training program to enhance your current run training!
  2. Learn a new skill which can be used during an injury that prevents running but maintains your VO2 and heart rate max!
  3. For walk/runners to adopt a new technique which has the same benefits as running with 50% less impact to the body!
  4. For those for who feel conventional running has passed them by, perhaps because of age or injury.
  5. Reach out to our local community and help a new group of people who might ultimately wish to be a part of the GSRC such as non-runners who might be looking to get into a new sport for weight loss and or for general fitness.